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Angry from Auckland

Citizen Tears the PM a New One!

This video was sent to me by a reader. Fair to say this person, Claire Ward, is like many of us, aghast and enraged at the PM’s actions and at present government policy.

Unfortunately, neither the PM, the government or parliament seem the slightest bit interested in what arguably a million Kiwis are thinking and feeling.

I don’t know who Claire is, or the video’s origin so I can’t give appropriate attribution. If you’re the copyright holder, please get in touch.

From Claire Ward – reader contribution.

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1 thought on “Angry from Auckland”


    Anyone remember the 2017 suicide rally that brought Jacinda Adern to tears? Where is her concern now?

    My partner told of a customer last week who worked at a medical centre saying they hear of one suicide a day.

    Last night I saw her on my Instagram feed doing a story from home. All smiles and friendly with Neve cutely interrupting her and being lovingly encouraged to go back to bed with Nana.

    I notice the Instagram comments are increasingly negative.

    I can only say she is an accomplished deceiver…

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