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Auckland Domain Freedom Gathering, 16 October 2021

Last Saturday, a group called The Freedoms & Rights Coalition held a picnic at Auckland Domain. It was a peaceful, law-abiding protest, by thousands of Aucklanders, against the dreadful and dangerous impositions the government has placed upon society as part of it’s Covid-19 measures.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalitions is associated with Destiny Church and Brian Tamaki was invited to speak.

In this video, I see a very different Brian Tamaki to the one I have seen depicted in the mainstream media. Rather than some bible crazed, far-right, nut-job, I see a man speaking passionately about the country he loves, being stolen from its citizens by a government that has forgotten its place. Forgotten that civil service means service to the citizenry, not service of the citizenry.

Take a look for yourself.


Published: 15 October 2021

From the Scott Free Channel on Rumble
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