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Blink and You’ll Miss It

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This guest post by Matt Judd in the BFD will leave you either shaking your head in disbelief or convulsing with rage, as the author outlines how the latest covid news confirms; It has got nothing to do with health!

So it’s the salad days between Christmas and New Year’s. Half of New Zealand is at the beach. Politics has declared a ceasefire. (Not that anyone was actively presenting opposition to government narratives anyway.) Many companies are closed, and it’s picnics and barbeques until February. Just like a Friday document dump in the beehive, sometimes the most interesting things happen while nobody is watching.

Yesterday, the CDC announced that they are discontinuing their EUA for the RT-PCR test. They list some other diagnostic options on their webpage but they no longer endorse the test we have all had up our noses for the last two years. The suggestion that a new test is needed to differentiate between Covid and Influenza raises big question marks. What were we being tested against all these months?


Published 31 December 2021

by Matt Judd in The BFD

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