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Civil Liberties

winston peters

Peters to Seek Judicial Review

After carefully considering advice from lawyers, Winston Peters has decided to seek a judicial review of the decision made by Trevor Mallard to trespass him from parliament grounds.

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The Truth Bombs Are Dropping

When Ashley Bloomfield and two other top Ministry of Health executives all resigned on the same day, a great many people wondered why that was. Well, now the truth bombs are starting to drop.

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Canada PM Trudeau Seeking to Forcibly Silence News Outlets

In this report from Fox News, Tucker Carlson reveals how the Trudeau government will require media outlets to seek a licence from a secret government panel and further, will force social media platforms and search engines to down-rank non-licenced content and boost government approved content.

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david icke

World Events Are Not Pre-Planned?

David Icke gives an outline of the plan for control over humanity, as laid out by Dr. Richard Day, during an address in 1969.

Dr. Day, a Harvard alumnus and paediatrician was a respected medical researcher and in 1965, he became Medical Director of Planned Parenthood. His off-the-record speech in 1969 has become famous for its prescience and his detailed description of events to come. Events we are now living through.

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chantelle baker

Newshub: A Case Study in NZ Media Corruption

In this follow-up video by Chantelle Baker, she exposes how the MSM, in this case Rebecca Watson, News Editor at Newshub, seek to corrupt the news to their own ends, to purposefully mislead the New Zealand public and intentionally damage New Zealand’s democracy.

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