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all cause mortality

mRNA Vaccine Study Sends ‘Danger Signals’

In this video Freddie Sayers of UnHerd interviews Prof. Christine Stabell-Benn, from the University of Southern Denmark. They discuss the results of studies that show that mRNA technology C-19 vaccines, while showing effectiveness against C-19, have worrying ‘non-specific’ effects on All Cause Mortality.

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impaired consciousness

Are ‘Vaccinated’ Drivers a Traffic Risk?

This article questions whether an alarming increase in serious car collisions on open roads in Austria and Germany may be related to “episodes of impaired consciousness” in C-19 vaccinated drivers.

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The Truth Bombs Are Dropping

When Ashley Bloomfield and two other top Ministry of Health executives all resigned on the same day, a great many people wondered why that was. Well, now the truth bombs are starting to drop.

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bill gates

Who Chief Promotes Bill Gates’ Book On ‘Next Pandemic’

World Health Organization director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised the latest book by billionaire and self-styled pandemic ‘expert’ Bill Gates on Friday, declaring himself in full agreement with the software tycoon’s insistence that “we must act on Covid-19’s lessons and innovate so that we can deliver swift, equitable health solutions to prevent the next pandemic.”

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wine health

It Has Never Been About Health

In a recent article in The Listener, wine writer Michael Cooper revealed that researchers in China had discovered that the moderate consumption of alcohol appears to affect C-19 infection rates.

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data irregularities

Has the Ministry of Health Lost the Ability to Count?

Dr. Guy Hatchard reports on the irregularities in the daily c-19 data reported by the Ministry of Health and how the mainstream media have conveniently failed to notice that the government’s sums don’t add up.

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chantelle baker

Video: Ardern Lied About Mandate Plans

This video by Chantelle Baker, featuring the results of her recent Official Information request, shows that the Prime Minister lied about plans to introduce vaccine mandates, and how the government’s C-19 plans, with vaccine mandates and passes, has been leading New Zealand directly into the new Digital Identity Trust Framework.

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Veteran New Zealand doctor

Letter to a Pro-Vaccine Scientist

Guy Hatchard writes: I am seldom offered the opportunity to communicate with pro-vaccine scientists.

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