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NZ’s Double Standard on Terrorism

The BFD picked up an interesting article today. It was written by Dr David Cumin, Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesiology at the University of Auckland, and published by the Israel Institute of New Zealand (IINZ).

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wine health

It Has Never Been About Health

In a recent article in The Listener, wine writer Michael Cooper revealed that researchers in China had discovered that the moderate consumption of alcohol appears to affect C-19 infection rates.

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Ukraine Invasion

Why Has Russia Invaded Ukraine?

Watch TV news or visit a mainstream media website and you’ll see that the entire world has its hair on fire over Putin’s ‘sudden’, ‘unprovoked’ and ‘mindless’ invasion of Ukraine, to use just three favourite adjectives in the MSM reports.

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west auckland

Diary of a Reluctant Anarchist

In 1981 during the Springbok Tour Protests, I was 15 years old and perhaps the only topic I knew less about than the apartheid system in South Africa, was rugby. I may have been an unusual kiwi kid, sure I enjoyed my sports, but rugby just wasn’t one I was particularly interested in. And besides, when a 15 year-old kid shows interest in international politics, society probably ought to keep a watchful eye and a big net close at hand; this one is going to be trouble.

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A Rising Swell

Following on the heels of yesterday’s landmark High Court decision which overturned the government’s illegal c-19 vaccine mandates for both the police and armed forces, thousands of New Zealanders marched over Auckland Harbour Bridge today, demanding that the government end all vaccine mandates by 01 March.

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