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EU Plans Largest ‘Chinese-Style Surveillance State’

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The EU Commission intends to force all providers of chat, messaging, and e-mail services to deploy mass surveillance technology.

Mass surveillance has already become the norm in our daily lives. For years, our data has been collected under the guise of “helping” us. Shockingly, very few are aware of how Globalists and technocrats invade their privacy and violate citizens’ fundamental rights. The European Union Commission justifies its latest attempt to create mass surveillance with the claim of stopping child pornography.

Similar to Apple’s highly controversial SpyPhone“ plans, the European Union Commission plans to “protect children“ by legally requiring providers of digital communication services to bulk intercept, monitor, and scan the contents of all citizens’ communications – even when they are securely end-to-end encrypted. Providers of email, chat, or message services will be forced to search for and report Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

From The Rair Foundation


Published: 28 March 2022

From The Rair Foundation

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