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Free Speech Is About The Search For Truth, Not A Benevolence To Others

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“Until we have thoroughly understood this principle, we shall not know why we must value our liberty, or how we can protect and develop it.”

I stumbled across this article while researching the source of another and in my view, it weaves together some of the most principled ideas about Freedom of Speech and its significance to our society and our way of life.

You don’t have to look far to find clear manifestations of the current degradation of our basic natural right previously known as free speech—now hate speech. There’s a cultural shift taking place towards the social control of thought and reasoning under the guise of love and compassion. Ironically, and quite pathetically, the so-called resistance to “hate speech” in the name of “tolerance” has become nothing more than a license to hate.

“…if we truly wish to understand why freedom is necessary in a civilized society, we must begin by realizing that, because freedom of discussion improves our own opinions, the liberties of other men are our own vital necessity.”

Walter Lippmann


Published: 03 November 2018

From Brenden Labrum on FEE

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