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From Saint to Sinner

[Image © Perspective Magazine]

Once lauded for her compassion, Jacinda Ardern has become increasingly autocratic…

The first likes trickled in from UK friends; even a few hearts were lovingly tossed from those tagged in the post. But by the time the sun rose on the other side of the globe, a certain sanctimony had seeped into the comments. Ah, the dawn chorus from New Zealand – the country to which I was due to return – where the wine had mostly definitely soured.  

Not again?!? Should you be travelling? How many tours have you done? asked one snarky friend, who hadn’t been able to leave in years. Gruelling. 

Gruelling indeed. A word more accurately reflecting the ordeal I was about to face on arrival in New Zealand: an extended stay in one of the country’s military-managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities. A hard landing perhaps? Ironically, a blessing. On day two of my incarceration, the government suspended all further allocations, making it impossible to enter the country.


By Joanna Grochowicz in Perspective Magazine

Published on 08 February 2022

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