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Interview with Dr. Mark Bailey

[Image © Counterspin Media]

(Interview begins at 5:30)

In this video from Counterspin Media, Kelvyn Alp interviews Dr. Mark Bailey. Dr. Bailey breaks down the false science & the fake narrative that has been rolled out as a “pandemic.”

Clear, concise, easy to follow… and jaw-dropping. Definitely worth a watch.

Published 29 December 2021

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1 thought on “Interview with Dr. Mark Bailey”

  1. I pay taxes that contribute to, among many things, the salaries of our elected officials, judiciary and law enforcement, not to mention state owned news.

    I expect that if I am concerned that my rights are being seriously and arrogently ignored that the laws in place to protect me are adherred to by these officials, not changed without public knowledge, discourse and proper process in a fair and considered manner.

    These people are there to serve the people, not be obeyed by the people.

    Gandhi showed that peaceful civil disobedience was an effective tool against the extreme ideologies in India at that time.

    Leaders are few, the people out number them. If no-one obeyed the mask wearing, PCR testing and vaccine passport requirements would they have a leg to stand on?

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