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Investigating the Science Behind Vaccinating 5-11-Year-Olds

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With the vaccination of 5-11 year-olds now upon us in New Zealand, parents and politicians may be interested to learn that all the assurances given about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines for this age group are based on just two studies; one of which was not conducted on this age group and the other having been severely criticised.

“Clinical trials for these inoculations were very short-term (a few months), had samples not representative of the total population, and for adolescents/children, had poor predictive power because of their small size. Further, the clinical trials did not address changes in biomarkers that could serve as early warning indicators of elevated predisposition to serious diseases. Most importantly, the clinical trials did not address long-term effects that, if serious, would be borne by children/adolescents for potentially decades.”

Toxicology Reports


Published 13 January 2022

From Hatchard Report

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