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Just Sayin’: Ivermectin, More Evidence

[Image © Dr. John Campbell]

Dr. John Campbell

Treatment with Ivermectin Is Associated with Decreased Mortality in COVID-19 Patients

I’m just sayin’, but who could have imagined it? Science shows “unequivocally” that you are 70 percent less likely to die from Covid-19 if treated with Ivermectin, which costs cents per patient, than if treated with Remdesivir, which costs around $US3,000 per patient.

Oh and by-the-way, science also shows that prophylaxis with Ivermectin resulted in a 44 percent reduction in Covid-19 infection rate and a 68 percent reduction in Covid-19 mortality.

Both studies are peer-reviewed and published.

Not bad for a horse de-wormer, huh?

Published: 07 March 2022

By Dr. John Campbell via YouTube

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