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Some Other Sites of Interest

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  1. Voices For Freedom
    Our freedoms and wholesome Kiwi way of life are being stripped away from us. If we continue on the current course, our children’s future will look very different from the one we dreamed of, and they will pay the price for the rest of their lives.
  2. Kiwis For Choice
    Kiwi Businesses Against Discrimination
    Support local businesses in your region that are uniting against discrimination and who welcome all customers and celebrate inclusion, diversity and equal opportunity – regardless of vaccine status.

    We are an independent collection of experienced NZ registered real-world medical experts. WE question the team of 120 politicians exploiting fear and division.

  4. First Breath Community
    A blueprint for living better on less in thriving communities across New Zealand with the goal to establish a Community of 100 “Settler groups” (one person to many) living in abundance in a system minimising government control & tyranny.

  5. Haven Trade
    At Haven we’ve embarked upon the mission of creating a level playing field for all, free from regulations that encroach upon individuals’ rights. We’re all about giving the community a platform, allowing people to connect, and foster working relationships in a time that has never been more divisive. 

    Many of us have had our jobs threatened, some have had to make hard choices, deciding whether personal opinions and beliefs are important enough to risk displacement or unemployment. We feel that what someone chooses to believe shouldn’t affect the status of their employment or living situation. So, we pioneered Haven as a platform to unite New Zealanders, empowering communities built on respect for freedom of choice, and honouring the people that make this great nation tick.

  6. The BFD
    Most articles on the BFD come from a centre-right political viewpoint, with constant analysis and commentary of political events. The BFD also breaks its own news, is a media commentator and provides other topics of interest and entertainment to its readers.
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