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Ministry of Health Releases Pre-Existing Conditions of Deaths Linked to Virus

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Anyone who died while Covid-infected is included in the Ministry of Health’s number of deceased. That can include those who have not passed away because of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Health are finally fessing-up to what we have known all along. You could be hit by a bus and killed but if you return a positive Covid test, you’re counted as a corona-virus death.

That means for example, that in the current “Delta Outbreak” of 33 “Covid deaths, there were actually…

  • 9 cardiovascular disease cases,
  • 5 chronic lung disease cases
  • 7 diabetes cases
  • 8 other chronic underlying conditions

So that’s 29 of the 33 “Covid deaths” that weren’t primarily caused by Covid!


From The New Zealand Herald

Published 12 November 2021.

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1 thought on “Ministry of Health Releases Pre-Existing Conditions of Deaths Linked to Virus”

  1. Apparently the 33rd death is the man who was shot and killed in New Lynn recently.
    An Official Information Act request also revealed that several of the dead in the original pre-Delta phase did not test positive but were deemed Covid deaths anyway and one person wasn’t tested at all. Not sure how this overlaps with the cases mentioned above however…

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