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Nano Technology Found Inside Vaccines

[Image © La Quinta Columna]

Ricardo Delgado Martín

This video from, features Ricardo Delgado Martin, founder and director of La Quinta Columna (The Fifth Column). In it, Delgado Martin talks about the results of his research into graphene oxide being found in Covid vaccines and his beliefs on how it works and why it is there.

Ricardo Delgado Martin
(Translated from La Quinta Columna website)

Graduated in Statistics from the University of Seville. Master of specialization in Biostatistics. Postgraduate in Health Biology: Clinical Microbiology, Epidemiology and Applied Clinical Immunology from the Miguel de Cervantes European University. University Expert in Clinical Genetics from the Antonio de Nebrija University. Certificate of Scientific Contribution by the University of Seville and the S.I.P.I.E. Postgraduate Master in Child Psychology. Master in Banking and Finance from the Higher Institute of Banking Techniques and Practices. Master in Personal Training.

Published 26 December 2021

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