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Open Letter to The “Good German” Inside of You

[Image © The Off Guardian]

The following open letter by Alison Blunt, published in The Off Guardian, was sent to me by an In Other News reader. Not only does the writer make a virtual shopping-list of good points about covid-mania, her views on the place of the artist in society are both powerful and thought provoking.

There is an audio version of the letter too.

A bandleader contacted me with regards to confirmed dates in an upcoming tour, asking as to whether I had taken the ‘vaccinations,’ explaining that, ‘the situation in Germany is starting to become “2G” (Geimpft & Genesen = ‘Vaccinated & Recovered’).’

If I am not intending to be injected then he said he would need to replace me. Clearly entirely ignorant of the human consequences of going along with the totalitarian circus and of the currently flagrant violations of the Nuremberg laws, he mentioned proudly amongst other things, his life-long position of being entirely uninterested in politics.

Here’s the reply I sent to him.


Published 22 November 2021

by Alison Blunt in The Off Guardian

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