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actual covid deaths

Who Could Have Guessed?

Following years of health authorities, governments and the media telling us that vaccine immunity is superior to natural immunity for Covid-19, a new study from Israel confirms this to be nonsense. Well surprise, surprise!

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radical change

CDC: Vaccinated More Likely to Be Infected

The CDC has announced that people who have been vaccinted for Covid-19 may be MORE likely to be infected with the new BA.2.86 variant.

President Biden’s response is to call for EVERYONE to be vaccinated against the new strain.

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CJ Hopkins

Madness: American Satirist C.J. Hopkins Sentenced in German Speech Case

Just when you may have thought things couldn’t get any crazier: American playwright and humorist C.J. Hopkins, profiled in this space on numerous occasions, has been sent a “punishment order” by a German judge, offering him a Sophie’s Choice of 60 days in jail or 3,600 euros.

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Giveaway Votes

Sandra Goudie is the former mayor of Thames-Coromadel and former National member of Parliament for Coromandel.

Here she brings attention to an aspect of our electoral system, which could see your party vote allocated to a party you didn’t for for.

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