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Labour Hates Justice and Prosperity

As if for any reason, we need more evidence that the current government hates the idea of New Zealanders’ prosperity,enjoying the countryside or even having a relaxed and happy weekend outing, here it is.

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clean blood

Freedom To Choose Clean Blood

Will Savage-Reeves is four months old. He and his family are from New Zealand. Will, one of twins, has a faulty valve in his heart and required surgery to survive. For this he will require a blood transfusion. Will’s parents wish for their baby son to recieve unvaccinated blood.

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We Need to Talk About Mr. Global – Part Three

In this 4-part series, finance expert and former US government official Catherine Austin Fitts and author and political satirist C.J. Hopkins meet for an exciting mental journey into the depths of the modern finance and propaganda world.

In this part they dive into the world of propaganda and ask some important questions: How was it possible to establish the “new reality”? How could such a majority of the population be deceived? Or was it not deceit but coercion?

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Zeihan on Geopolitics

Peter Zeihan is an expert on geopolitics: the study of how place impacts financial, economic, cultural, political and military developments.

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Pfizer: Transmission Testing Was Not Done.

Pfizer has admitted to the European Parliament that their Covid-19 vaccine was NOT tested to ascertain whether it stopped transmission of the virus, before it was released to the market.

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