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Parents Barred from School Christmas Concert Over Fears of Vaccine Legal Stoush

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Stuff reported yesterday that parents were excluded from a primary school Christmas concert in Christchurch recently after some parents “objected to the vaccine proof requirement for the event.”

“St Martins School originally intended to invite parents to the concert, with a limit of one family member, a capacity cap of 100 people, and vaccine proof requirement for parents.”

But the plans were scrapped after some parents asked for the school’s legal basis behind the decision to require proof of vaccination. The concert went ahead on Monday with just school staff and pupils in attendance.”

“Hodgins [board of trustees chairwoman] said the school had no appetite to defend the legal basis for the plans.”


Rather than question why the school sought to implement the vaccine passport at the event in the first place, Stuff writer Charlie Gates wheeled out “Public health expert” and well known “Boy who cried wolf”, Michael Baker.

Public health expert Michael Baker said it should be considered the “new normal” for gatherings to require vaccination proof.

He said the combination of unvaccinated children and singing at a school Christmas concert could lead to many infections.

“Primary school students are not vaccinated, so you could have a superspreader situation there,’’ he said.

“Singing generates a lot of aerosols and one student could infect everyone else.”

“Any event involving unvaccinated people will present a real problem from now on.”

Michael Baker in Stuff

My question is, why?

Firstly, whether you are jabbed or not, if you are a parent of a primary age school child, you are around unvaccinated people ALL THE TIME. What is the new danger?

Secondly, if your little precious isn’t Typhoid Mary, but someone else’s little precious might be, go get vaccinated! All your problems will evaporate and you can stop ruining everyone else’s day.

Thirdly, if you are an unjabbed parent of a pupil at St Martin’s school in Christchurch, you have apparently already accepted whatever risk little Typhoid Mary poses to your health – at least happy enough to be prepared to attend a Christmas concert there.

Exactly who is Michael Baker trying to protect? Not the children; according to him, they’re the ones posing the mortal danger to civilised society! Not the vaccinated parents, who thought they were already protected by getting vaccinated. Perhaps he is trying to protect the unjabbed, who clearly don’t need or want his protection in the first place.

My guess is he’s just protecting his ass. Protecting the position he clearly relishes, as a talking head, wheeled out by the MSM to administer another dose of fear and doom. This time, he wants us to be afraid of primary school children. Good onya Mike!


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