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PART 1: What is Really in the Vaccines?

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Reports are surfacing, from all around the world of strange contaminants being found in samples of each of the Covid-19 “vaccine” medications.

In Other News first became aware of this through the work of Dr Ricardo Delgado Martin, reported by and we featured a video by Dr. Delgado Martin on the topic on 10 January 2022.

His finding prompted a formal parliamentary question in the EU Parliament, by Sergio Berlato, member for Veneto in Italy.

“A recent investigation by Dr Ricardo Delgado Martin and the technical report by Dr Pablo Campra ‘Detection of graphene in COVID vaccines by micro-Raman spectroscopy’ claim that the COVID-19 vaccines contain graphene.

As reported by CORDIS in 2018, a team of researchers has proven that graphene is able to convert electronic signals into signals in the terahertz range, with trillions of cycles per second.

The silicon-based electronic components we use today generate clock speeds in the GHz range, where 1 GHz is equal to 1 000 million cycles per second. The scientists showed that graphene can convert signals with these frequencies into signals with frequencies that are thousands of times higher than those created by silicon.

Graphene is therefore able to absorb radiation, meaning that, if contained in a vaccine, it would be highly toxic and harmful to human health.

In the light of this recent investigation, does the Commission intend to have an independent laboratory perform a careful analysis to check for the presence of graphene in the COVID-19 vaccines?”

Priority question for written answer P-000303/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Sergio Berlato (ECR)

Then, on 13 February 2022, we published an article from the New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out for Science (NZDSOS) organisation. That article studies information from a group of German pathologists, looking into possibly undeclared constituents in the “vaccines”.

On the basis of this information, NZSOS “bought a good microscope and had a look at some kindly donated unused vials, warmed to approximately body temperature. Lo and behold, after several hours of a drop drying and warming on a slide, from a possible soup of the very tiny lipid nanoparticles, we started to find geometric shapes appear, perfect right angles, and 3-D, like cut pastry. These objects did not appear organic and certainly not what is found in nature.”

Subsequently on 14 February 2022, published an extensive video, in three parts, which brings together the results of studies conducted all around the world on these suspected contaminants. The video includes dozens of microscope images, from multiple sources and from various samples of each of the brands of Covid-19 “vaccine”. All appear to show similar objects which do not appear to be at all natural.

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