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Should Jamie Oliver Take Over The Pandemic Plan – Seriously

[Image © London Eater]

This article by Guy Hatchard emphasises how those running pandemic plans around the world, so-called Public Health Experts, seem to have lost touch with the fundamentals of good health and instead see health as the result of pharmacology.

This week the government decided to switch tactics. Instead of a nuclear war with Russia, we will be on the receiving end of a course of mRNA vaccinations extending into the distant future, if there is one.

Addressing the Public Accounts Committee, Dame Commander of the British Empire Dr. Jenny Harries, an expert in public health who has been in charge of UKHSA and NHS Test and Trace since April 2021 announced: ‘Britain is still in a period of uncertainty.’ We could all have told her that, but she went on:

‘The pandemic is not over, so for the next 18 months, two years, or so I think it will be a settling-down period. There are a couple of issues about when we might get a new variant and we can’t predict that with any certainty. The Omicron wave was the fastest wave we have seen with a lot of uncertainty until our evaluative teams were able to assess how well vaccines were performing against it. The other issue is what we want to procure.’


Published: 02 April 2022

From The Hatchard Report

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