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Kiwi Businesses Against Discrimination

There is a new website for kiwis who value freedom of choice and who do not wish to participate in discrimination against their fellow kiwis.

The site gives everyone the opportunity to “support local businesses in your region that are uniting against discrimination and who welcome all customers and celebrate inclusion, diversity and equal opportunity – regardless of vaccine status”.

Businesses can register with the website, which publishes regional lists of businesses like-minded kiwis can support.

We had a similar idea with our The Good, The Bad & The Ugly page on In Other News and we will continue to update and publish the names of those businesses that discriminate against citizens and those which don’t. But more power to Kiwis for Choice and we encourage you to support them.

Even more, the Kiwis for Choice puts employers who don’t discriminate together with job seekers who may have been displaced by vax-mandates or who simply chose not to be jabbed.

From The Editor, In Other News

Published 25 November 2021.

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