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The Diary of a Scientist in New Zealand

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Guy Hatchard PhD., comes up with the goods once again in this well-written and informative article on the actual science behind covid and the vaccines. This time on the FreeNZ website.

A must-read!

Today I reviewed my 2021 diary and correspondence and had an aha moment. Up until September most of my exchanges and the press articles I read involved discussion and interpretation of the relative merits of published scientific papers. After that the official dialogue reported in the media subtly changed and started to assert that ‘science’ was on the side of vaccination without actually citing research papers—the merit of vaccination had become an accepted ‘fact’. In contrast after September the publishing of Covid-19 science papers picked up pace and they certainly weren’t supporting the government narrative. Scientifically speaking, the government narrative was becoming an embarrassment, but that did not in any way deter the media or the government and their advisors from deciding to rigidly enforce and support draconian vaccination mandates.


Published 04 January 2022

by Guy Hatchard in

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