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Watch Ardern Lie Through Her Teeth About Protesters

[Image © Newshub]

Newshub’s Melissa Chan-Green interviews Prime Minister Ardern on the AM Show. Watch for yourself as the Prime Minister labels the protestors as “anti-vaxers”, a favourite derogatory trope, which is patently untrue.

Her misanthropic rant goes on to mischaracterise the protesters in Wellington in a number of ways, calling them violent and implying foreign control.

Watch the Prime Minister of New Zealand lie to your face about your fellow New Zealanders exercising their democratic right to protest the policies of their government.

Published 14 February 2022

From Newshub via YouTube

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1 thought on “Watch Ardern Lie Through Her Teeth About Protesters”

  1. Hello from the UK

    Jacinda ‘I was brought up a Moron (sic)’ Ardern uses violent verbal abuse on the protesters, instead of talking to them. She is under foreign control and is trying to deflect attention from this.

    She is a liar too. Liar is within her full names and there are at least 10,000 anagrams associated with that word according to the anagram generator I use.

    One good one is by my reckoning ‘Dark Janean liar cult leader’. This makes some sense and would explain a lot.

    I write about her on my website as well as Trevor ‘duck the issues’ Mallard, who is completely Quackers.

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