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Would It Be Ok for the Government to Sterilize People?

Have We Returned to Pre-Nuremberg Values?

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Is it OK for the government to sterilize people?

Before the Holocaust against the Jews even began, the Nazis were engaged in eugenics — as in, weeding out people who were considered medically or genetically inferior.

The mentally disabled. The sick, deaf, and blind. Homosexuals. Anyone the Nazis considered “weak” was targeted by Adolf Hitler’s barbaric campaign to purify the race.


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1 thought on “Would It Be Ok for the Government to Sterilize People?”

  1. For those defending this government overreach, coercion, pressure and mandating, arguing that it’s for the greater good and that those ‘selfish people’ who ‘choose’ not to take this have a responsibility to society at large, for the greater good (and must suffer the ‘consequences’ of refusal)….
    Imagine, for a moment, a government deeply concerned about anthropogenic climate change and world over population, ‘reluctantly’ deciding that it is ‘necessary’ for the public good to begin sterilising all people of child bearing age, with perhaps the eventual planned extension of this to children – to SAVE THE PLANET. Anyone who objects is selfish and putting the lives of the greater community at risk. Perhaps exemptions might be granted by a non-elected government official with a rubber stamp with the ability to approve who is ‘allowed’ to have children.
    Too far-fetched? Not in my opinion. And with the current precedent, plenty of support for government’s right to impose medical procedures on anyone they deem to be a risk.
    We MUST protect an individual’s natural right to bodily autonomy. We cannot assume that any government will always be motivated by compassion or ethics…

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