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Medical-Pharmaceutical-Government Complex

The Medi-Pharma-Government Complex

In his farewell speech in 1961, President Eisenhower warned America and the world to beware the growing power of what he termed “The Military-Industrial Complex”, a formidable union of defence contractors and the armed forces.

Today, it is the growing power of the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Government Complex that poses perhaps an ever greater threat to western society and our way of life.

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klaus schwab

Jacinda Ardern And The New World Order

In this article from The Daily Telegraph, John Porter joins the dots between Jacinda Ardern and her “spiritual uncle” Tony Blair (shudder) and The Great Reset, promoted by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum.

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global food shortages

Global Food Shortages Imminent

Maajid Nawaz writes on his Substack, bringing together the many threads that would indicate that global food shortages are the next item in the agenda for The Great Reset.

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Pandemic Treaty Will Give WHO Governmental Power

Conspiracy theorists have been fretting for years now about how United Nations (UN) organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) would be used by The Elites to wrestle control of the world.

Of course, such accusations are nonsense, completely without basis… except, it is happening right now!

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Canada PM Trudeau Seeking to Forcibly Silence News Outlets

In this report from Fox News, Tucker Carlson reveals how the Trudeau government will require media outlets to seek a licence from a secret government panel and further, will force social media platforms and search engines to down-rank non-licenced content and boost government approved content.

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