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People Will Make Their Own Choices, On Election Day.

[Image: BitChute]

This man is standing for public office in New Zealand’s upcoming General Election. Indeed, he is campaigning to retain his position as Prime Minister of New Zealand.

I encourage all readers and all New Zealanders to watch the video below before Election Day, and having done so, decide for yourself whether he possesses the character we should expect and demand from a public official in this country. And more, does the political party he heads place any value in the principles of honesty and ehtical behaviour?


Published: 03 September 2023

From:  Coronavirus Plushie on BitChute

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1 thought on “People Will Make Their Own Choices, On Election Day.”

  1. As time goes by, the memory of that bizarre time gets inevitably less distinct and less sharply focused. That video is a stark reminder of those sinister, predatory comments by Hipkins and the menacing vibe deliberately cultivated by his team of completely shameless totalitarians. There are no words to truly describe how close things got to full-on dystopian nightmare and how so many ‘ordinary’ New Zealanders just took it all in their stride – becoming enthusiastic vax pass Nazis with so very little prompting.

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