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Nothing to See Here Move Along.

This article by Graham Adams, published in The BFD, paints a disturbing picture of the character of this country’s Prime Minister, the threat she and her adherents pose to freedom and democracy and the malignant role played by the mainstream media in support.

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nothing less than dangerous

The Face of Tyranny

Neil Oliver speaks to Dan Wootton about whether Jacinda Ardern has become the acceptable face of tyranny.

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inclusive pregnancy language

The Quiet Shift to More Inclusive Pregnancy Language

It is not often we publish a story from the New Zealand Herald on In Other News. But in this case, it is to demonstrate just how completely daft the woke world has become.

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Will I Ever See the $36 Million Oberlin College Owes Me?

This article by Lorna Gibson, describes her nightmare battle with their local university, after her family were branded racists and white supremacists and subjected to protests, cancellation and bankruptcy of their 137 year old family business.

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