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Nothing to See Here Move Along.

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This article by Graham Adams, published in The BFD, paints a disturbing picture of the character of this country’s Prime Minister, the threat she and her adherents pose to freedom and democracy and the malignant role played by the mainstream media in support.

The Prime Minister’s latest call to limit free speech has been widely criticised yet it has been barely reported in New Zealand.

In the eyes of Jacinda Ardern’s substantial global fan base, she remains a beacon of hope in a dark and chaotic world — a source of inspiration and a humble force for good amongst often tawdry, self-serving politicians.

For them, her address to the United Nations late last month will undoubtedly have reinforced her appeal. There she was at the podium in New York, imploring the sprinkling of diplomats seated before her to act against “mis- and disinformation online”, which she rated as dangerous as bullets and bombs.


Published: 07 October 2022

From Graham Adams in The BFD

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