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Civil Liberties


Check the Software in your Car

When a car owner in the UK checked the terms and conditions after the dealer updated the software package in his car, he found that they allowed the government to remotely restrict how he might choose to use his vehicle.

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Laurence fox

Laurence Fox Asks if We Live in a Free Society.

Laurence Fox of GB News gives his take on the ‘right to life’ debate, and whether we are living in a truly free society, in the wake of the decision of Justice Roberts in the Court of Protection.

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people made their own choices

People Will Make Their Own Choices, On Election Day.

I encourage all readers and all New Zealanders to watch the video below before Election Day, and having done so, decide for yourself whether he possesses the character we should expect and demand from a public official in this country. And more, does the political party he heads place any value in the principles of honesty and ehtical behaviour?

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actual covid deaths

Who Could Have Guessed?

Following years of health authorities, governments and the media telling us that vaccine immunity is superior to natural immunity for Covid-19, a new study from Israel confirms this to be nonsense. Well surprise, surprise!

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radical change

CDC: Vaccinated More Likely to Be Infected

The CDC has announced that people who have been vaccinted for Covid-19 may be MORE likely to be infected with the new BA.2.86 variant.

President Biden’s response is to call for EVERYONE to be vaccinated against the new strain.

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