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The Quiet Shift to More Inclusive Pregnancy Language

[Image © NZ Herald]

It is not often we publish a story from the New Zealand Herald on In Other News. But in this case, it is to demonstrate just how completely daft the woke world has become.

Aotearoa perinatal care is slowly becoming more inclusive, but some trans, non-binary and gender-diverse Kiwis are still facing discrimination. Katie Harris looks into the quiet shift and what experts say still needs to change.

New Zealand Herald

Still facing discrimination huh? Would that be on the basis that only female mammals give birth to live young? Well, no. Apparently, biology has changed since I went to school.

“The focus is on sex and the fact that [only] ‘women have children’, that is simply untrue.”

New Zealand Herald

Actually, this is discrimination because seeing words like “mother” make some people feel uncomfortable.

“Frankie, a non-binary trans-gay man, is in the process of trying to have a child with their husband Rāwā.

They told the Herald on Sunday they felt uncomfortable being in pregnancy and birthing spaces because words like mother are everywhere.”

New Zealand Herald

This is really their argument! But, it’s OK. Everything is under control. The government is stepping in to make sure no one ever feels uncomfortable.

“This year’s Budget also committed $2.182 million to support primary and community health providers to improve the responsiveness of the health workforce to gender-diverse people.”

New Zealand Herald


Published: 04 September 2022

From the New Zealand Herald

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