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Don’t Like Woke Business? What Are You Going to Do?

[Image © Conscious Events]

This article by Dark Jester on The BFD is not only a commentary on the new fad for corporations to virtue signal their woke credentials, it contains some simple advice on what to do about it – and an hilarious spoof-not-spoof commercial made by the Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boering.

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote an article regarding the culture war in the entertainment industry. I would like to follow that up with another way to fight the culture war. That is in the business world.

I’m sure that I’m not alone in thinking that the most important thing a company invests in, other than production, is branding. Their sales and marketing only work if their public image is established and is something people are willing to invest in. As I mentioned in previous articles, the bigger the reach that a company aims for, the more it will attempt to embrace pop culture. Therefore, small businesses will attempt to market themselves in local communities while multinational corporations will have a global perspective.


Published: 07 April 2022

From Dark Jester on The BFD

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