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Is the NZ Government Confused or Deliberately Misleading Us?

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Yet more evidence, if any was required, that the New Zealand Government and the bought-and-paid-for legacy media are in cahoots in censoring the information the information the public receive, and specifically the data surrounding Covid-19.

“Dr. Shane Reti, MP., was admonished for writing in The Northern Advocate about the data which was provided to him by the Ministry of Health. According to the NZ Herald, Dr Reti should have asked the permission of the Minister of Health Andrew Little first. The Northern Advocate and Dr Reti apologised for the ‘confusion’ this caused.”

In this article from his website, Dr. Guy Hatchard shows that Covid-19 data is being hidden and, using the Health Department’s own data, that “C-19 vaccinations” have caused a spike in excess mortality, in New Zealand.


Published: 08 March 2022

From: The Hatchard Report

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