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Labour Hates Justice and Prosperity

[Image: NZ Winegrowers]

As if for any reason, we need more evidence that the current government hates the idea of New Zealanders’ prosperity, enjoying the countryside or even having a relaxed and happy weekend outing, here it is.

“A law change which would allow local authorities to decline alcohol licences based solely on the location of a business could be a major blow for wine tourism, growers say.

Under proposed changes to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, appeals of local alcohol policies (LAPs), under which licensing decisions are made, would no longer be allowed.

If an LAP included provisions for the density of licenced premises or their proximity to sites like schools and health facilities, district licensing committees could decline renewal of an existing licence, regardless of the business’ viability.


This means that an established cellar door business, on winery grounds or in a vineyard setting, that has been legitimately operating, can have its liquor licence renewal refused, purely on grounds over which it has no control.

This would mean the cellar door operation would be required to cease trading and close, with no access to any legal appeal over that decision.


Published: 14 June 2023

From:  Stuff Media

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