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Liz Gunn’s Love Letter to Real Kiwis

Former lawyer and television presenter Liz Gunn makes a heartfelt and impassioned address after the shameful and disgusting presentation given by the Prime Minister on Friday.

In that presentation, a New Zealand Prime Minister openly threatened New Zealand citizens; citizens she is sworn to serve. Clearly, Prime Minister Adern has forgotten her place, and as such, has shown herself to be utterly unfit to hold the office she temporarily occupies.

Take a look for yourself at Gunn’s video.


Published: 22 October 2021

From the Lizalwaysfree Channel on Rumble
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2 thoughts on “Liz Gunn’s Love Letter to Real Kiwis”

  1. Well said Liz. And very inspiring too.
    I’d resigned myself to vote National next for the first time in my life. – Purely as an anti-ardern measure.
    Now I actually have some hope.
    You Go Girl..!!!

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