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New Zealand Turns Sinister

[Image © Reuters]

This article by Muriel Newman for the New Zealand Centre for Political Research, questions whether the journalism “profession” in this country should have an Editors Code of Practice, as is the case in the United Kingdom.

In reference to New Zealanders who express views that differ from government on Covid policy, she outlines and comments on the current practice, particularly with the MSM outlet Stuff, of presenting a “biased depiction, designed, it appears, to poison the public against anyone associated with the protest.”

If you’ve ever wondered what a documentary made by a conspiracy theorist about conspiracy theorists would look like, Paula Penfold’s hour-long Fire and Fury [HERE] pretty much fits the bill. In a textbook example of a conspiracy theorist at work, senior Stuff journalist Paula Penfold promotes the idea that the anti-mandate protests at Parliament and suspicion toward Covid vaccines generally were being driven and harnessed by a small group of conspirators… They are also depicted collectively as a serious threat to democracy.


Published: 03 September 2022


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