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Radical with Maajid Nawaz: On Censorship & Free Speech

[Image © Maajid Nawaz]

Maajid Nawaz dedicates his first episode of Radical to the topic of Censorship and Free Speech.

In this video, he speaks with…

  • Sohrab Ahmari, a former editor at the New York Post about the once banned but now accepted-as-true Hunter Biden Laptop story.
  • Dr Roger Hodkinson about the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy.
  • UK barrister Francis Hoare to discuss his legal campaigning against UK Covid mandates.
  • Gareth Eve, surviving husband to the late Lisa Show – a BBC broadcaster who a UK coroner ruled died from taking her AstraZeneca vaccine.

Published: 21 April 2022

From Radical with Maajid Nawaz

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