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Some Encouraging Words From VFF

[Image © Voices For Freedom]

The Voices for Freedom organisation have been fighting the good fight for all of us since this whole pandemic sham began.

Their email newsletter on Tuesday this week was so strong, resilient, uplifting and encouraging, I wanted to share it with you.

You know things are changing when in just one week:

• a fireman jumps out of the car and chases you down the road to say thank you from him and the guys;

• you’re on day 6 of a billboard campaign and only two billboards have been messed with; (security camera pics identifying the perpetrators and their license plate details are with the police before any of you trolls reading this have further ideas);

• a WW2 veteran stands uniformed in the rain outside his gate for over an hour to salute a convoy of Kiwis driving across New Zealand in the name of freedom;
• a policeman agrees with you that masks are useless, and that their people “getting sick in MIQ because they have to wear them all the time”;

• there’s a fire truck in the freedom convoy;

• even though life is mostly unrecognisable, you can’t stop smiling, hugging and laughing with strangers;

• your teenager looks incredulous and tells you it “feels like normal again” because there is not one mask at the freedom convoy food stop;

• thousands of people stand for hours in the pouring rain and still cheer and wave their signs when you drive by;

• a policeman lets you know how far away the freedom convey is and says you’re doing a great job;

• strangers say “hi” in the street and tap your shoulder in the supermarket to tell you they watch every webinar;

• the air hostess sneaks up in the plane to whisper “thank you” and thrusts a airplane sick bag into your hand covered in links, names and websites about the Covid truth that’s she says is helping wake up her colleagues;

• the lovely lady checking you in sees your “Voices For Freedom bag” and says “I’m vaccine injured, I’m not getting the booster.

When we stand together and speak out, we are unstoppable, and this week, New Zealand saw us, read our messages and heard us roar.

In spite of the constant barrage of horrendous propaganda and discrimination, the mood of a huge group of Kiwis up and down New Zealand is changing. Togetherness, joy and hope are on the rise as we stand side by side, on the right side of history and take our freedoms back.

Team of five million? Not today, thanks. Today we are nothing like the hollow and heartless mob our Prime Minister has mercilessly sought to create by coercion and bullying with draconian Covid mandates.

Instead, we are a whole-hearted, steady and truly welcoming community of everyday Kiwis.

We stand side by side, hug and support one another and laugh and cry together as we fight for the freedoms of our children, our neighbours and ourselves.

We’ve seen and heard from so many brave and beautiful people this weekend. We’ve seen the incredible work of many tireless volunteers and supporters, and it’s truly inspiring.

And, we are growing fast. The new push for boosters, mandates and revelations about jab passport expiry dates, and ongoing discrimination is opening eyes up and down the country.

Let’s keep this powerful positive momentum going. How can you help? Maybe you’d like to get more involved with community events? Perhaps there’s a behind the scenes role for you? Or you might be the person that can keep the mood high in your neighbourhood? Whoever you are, whatever your passion, there’s something you can do to help reclaim the freedoms of everyday Kiwis and build the kind of New Zealand we all dream of…

From Voices For Freedom

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