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The Narrative Continues to Crumble

[Image © Dr John Campbell]

A UK Freedom of Information release confirms that the number of deaths attributable solely to Covid-19 are only about ten percent of the published numbers. What’s more, the average age of those deaths is greater than average life expectancy in the UK.

The Office of National Statistics release was made a month ago, yet has been mysteriously absent from any maninstream media.

Summary of Statistics

Official Deaths:
(Death within 28 days of a positive test)
152,879 until 19 January 2022

Death Certificates:
(Deaths where Covid is mentioned on Death Certificate)

Actual Covid Deaths:
(Deaths from Covid-19 with no other underlying causes)
17,371 in England & Wales until September 2021. (9.96%)

Age Groups
<65: 3,774 (21.7%)
65+: 13,597 (78.4%)

Average Age of Death from Covid in the UK:
82.5 years

Life Expectancy in the UK (2018-2020):
Men: 79.0 years
Women: 82.9 years

Published 20 January 2022

From Dr. John Campbell via YouTube

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1 thought on “The Narrative Continues to Crumble”

  1. Good. Can we now finally do away with all the mandates, restrictions, lockdowns, masks, vaccine passports and most of all, get rid of the useless jabs that don’t work but cause irreparable damage. Immediately stop all jabs for children.

    In Australia the average age of death of Covid victims is 86.9 years. Across the world it’s apparently 85 years.

    Let’s see the lamestream media try and undo all the fear port they’ve created over the past two years.

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