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Time to STOP This Government’s Vaccine Stupidity

[Image © Pixabay]

This piece from The BFD demonstrates with clear numbers that covid is nothing to worry about.

That fact alone is going to upset the covid fans among us – and God knows there are plenty of them. But their wrath isn’t supported by either the data or by logic.

Here are a few gems…

  • Total tests conducted in NZ: 5,390,105
  • Total cases identified in NZ: 13,366 (0.025% of tests)
  • Total number of hospitalisations in NZ: 660 (4.94% of cases)
  • Total number of Intensive Care admissions: 54 (8.18% of hospitalisations)
  • Total number of deaths in NZ: 49 (0.37% of cases)
    Remember, this is the number of deaths WITH covid, not deaths FROM covid
  • Total number of deaths under 50 years of age: 6 (12.24% of all deaths with covid)
  • Total number of deaths over 80 years age: 20 (40.82% of all deaths with covid)
  • Life expectancy in NZ: Male = 80 years; Female = 83.5 years


Published 21 December 2021

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