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Trudeau Publicly Unmasks Himself

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Video from The Pulse, via YouTube


Earlier this week I wrote an article titled, “The Case for Doing What is Right.” In it, I noted that, “we have become accustomed to political figures stating bold-faced lies, while looking us squarely in the eye.”

Just yesterday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, gave us a classic example of exactly that. You can see him doing so for yourself in the video above.

In that piece, I drew further attention to the irresponsibility of the way elected officials currently seem to be not only willing to, but intent on eliminating the basic principal freedoms of democracy, in pursuit of their authoritarian policies.

“I see an increase in irresponsibility in society too, not just among the elected, who currently seem happy to run roughshod over the very principles from which a democratic and enlightened society is constructed; the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act as just one example. But among the citizenry too, who seem to know little and care less of the responsibilities we each shoulder to exhibit those principles, regardless of the cost, especially in times when they are under threat.”

In Other News

Trudeau could not have been more open about this in his comments. He referred to Canadian citizens who have exercised their constitutional right to decide upon the medical treatments they take, as a “fringe minority”, with clear derision dripping from his words.

He referred to Canadian citizens who have exercised their constitutional right to freedom of expression as, “holding unacceptable views”. It seems obvious from this that the Trudeau government now considers itself to be the arbiter of which views Canadian citizens now may and may not hold.

I’m not sure whom I envy less; Canadians who have just learned that the government can now tell them what they may think and say, or Justin Trudeau, when those Canadians get their hands on him.

Trudeau’s ire was raised by the mass rally of Canadian truckers, who are currently demonstrating against their government’s insistence that they mask-up while in their cabs, alone. As if there were someone else present with them in their solitude, they may spread their unholy pestilence to. And against the Trudeau government’s unconstitutional jab mandate for all truck drivers.

How dare this “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views” question the wisdom of the all-knowing leader? Perhaps the Canadian Prime Minister has taken to channelling Cartman from South Park; “You Will Respect My Authoritah!

It seems Canadian truckers certainly understand the responsibilities of citizenship. They are the one’s upholding Canada’s values while their government fights to eliminate them.

All this has special relevance for us here in New Zealand, since Trudeau is NZ Prime Minister Ardern’s ‘brother from another mother’. Both are graduates of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders school, along with such beacons of democracy as Emanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin.

We can see our own Prime Minister’s open distain for any who disagree with her. Although we don’t get to see that often, as she is so careful to surround herself with only the most toadying of flunkies, especially those from the bought-and-paid-for New Zealand media.

It was that “fringe minority” with the “unacceptable views”, the Canadian truckers doing the right thing, who so incensed Trudeau that he felt compelled to publicly unmask himself on live TV, revealing for all to see, the thin-skinned, narrow-minded authoritarian he truly is.

If we Kiwis all do the right thing, Ardern can be next.

Published 29 January 2022

By Colin Ford

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